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BaskInMotion invites you to surf on our website to decide the limits you want to explore in this unique, exclusive, emotional journey … because you will be the one who decides the experiences you want to live. We are talking about feeling the heartbeat of Euskal Herria in situ, of getting involved in its history, culture, roots, tradition … with which you will live authentically Basque experiences. Choose what you want to do on YOUR trip: get to know the life of farmers, learn how to make a A.O. Idiazabal Cheese, get to know the Rural Sports (Herri Kirolak in basque), basque dancing parties, enjoy food and wine experiences … Click on your interests and we will receive an email so that we can get an idea of your preferences and thus in our first contact we can offer you a draft of the trip. This way, we can start up the BaskInMotion machinery to organize the journey of YOUR life.

Below we show you the variety of activities and experiences we offer. Choose the ones that most attract your attention and design your customized travel. At the end, send us your personalyzed trip. We will answer shortly.


Select experiences:

01. oenologicals

Cellar in La Rioja Alavesa

Appellation of Origin Txakoli


02. Cultural

Novel enclave (The Baztan Trilogy)

movie locations (Spanish Affair (8 apellidos vascos), Witching & Bitching (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi…))

Great museums

Rural sports


farming & livestock fairs


Industrial EH

Great sculptors


03. Nature

Antiche tuna boat fishing

Sunset on ship


Adventure sport

Geopark / Flysch


04. Towns and cities

Donostia/ San Sebastián




Iparralde (the North Basque Country)

Ancestors place of birth

05. Gastronomical

Michelin Stars

Pintxo elaboration workshop

Dinner at Gastronomical Society

Idiazabal A.O Idiazabal experience

Cannarie visit

Talo workshop

Espelette peppers

06. Religious

Ignatius of Loyola (San Ignacio de Loyola)

The Three Temples' route (Aranzazu, Antigua, Loiola)

Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria



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